We are back soon with live shows, mainly concentrating on releasing the new music this year. Stay tuned! We’ll have each song on all digital platforms, culminating in an album next year, and new tour. In the meantime, I’m back to teaching and writing, and we’re also working on video. After a big trip to northern Italy, the Adriatic Sea, The Alps and even Austria for a day, we’re busy in a creative streak to get the music out – hurray! It was a great summer of shows, with new ones on their way later this Fall with the new releases. We’ve had some good airplay throughout the State and region, too. Thank you x

Also, there’s a new album coming out that features the band I was in for many years with tremendous musicians – it’s Detroit Energy Asylum! “Landslide of Life” is a thrilling and spirited album. With a nice production job by Freddie Brooks, my ex, it’s got 10 songs you must hear. There is also a great cover of Iggy’s “I Need Somebody” So please check Detroit Energy Asylum on Bandcamp for the new album. Here’s a good link and it’s worth it 🙂 https://orchide.bandcamp.com

It has been a wild August, and we’re returning to the studio for final mixes and the stage later in Fall after visiting northern Italy. (We’ll be back over there to perform again). Very grateful, and see you in September !

Carolyn, Scott and the band )