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Nominated for nearly sixty Detroit Music Awards in recent years, Carolyn Striho won Outstanding Rock/Pop Songwriter of the Year two years in a row,  2015 and 2016. Other big award wins include Outstanding Americana Album of the Year 2014 for Word Attack and Outstanding Rock/Pop Album of the Year 2010 for Honesty. Besides her infamously charismatic live shows at many festivals, clubs, and art galleries in the Midwest and Canada, she has five tours of Europe under her belt, as well as a two-month stretch in Japan, opened for Steve Earle in England, and has performed in Detroit, Toronto and London with Patti Smith. Carolyn is best known for her new music and catchy, magically intense live shows and songwriting. Her live performances with her latest band, her legendary shows and writing fronting the well-known Detroit Energy Asylum band, with Patti Smith, and her punk/art rock years with Rough Cut and the Cubes, as well as performing with Don Was and the Was Not Was Band, Iggy Pop, the Ramones and the Slits,  Carolyn’s latest projects include a brand new album to be released in 2016, negotiating a new national publishing deal, and working on a poetry book and memoir.

Regarded as one of the city’s best singer/songwriters, Carolyn Striho made her name fronting the dynamic Detroit Energy Asylum and her work with Patti Smith. And in the last couple dozen years as a solo performer, Carolyn has gained a strong reputation for charismatic, high-energy stage performances with her songs, vocals, guitar and keyboards. Wildly original, melodic and passionate, Striho’s music has been described as being written “from the silver edge of midnight”  (All-Music Guide, USA)


Carolyn won the Outstanding Rock Songwriter for the 2nd year in a row at the Detroit Music Awards in April, was again nominated for more awards and sang at the Awards Show at the Fillmore Theatre. She also won the Outstanding Rock/Pop Songwriter of the Year last year in the 2015 Detroit Music Awards and her CD _“Word Attack,  won the Outstanding Acoustic/Americana CD of the Year in the 2014 Detroit Music Awards. She also won the Outstanding CD of the Year for her CD _“Honesty  in the 2010 Detroit Music Awards. Carolyn won a Billboard Magazine Honorable Mention for the Song of the Year for _“Enchante”  which is a strong song in Europe and a real crowd pleaser onstage. Carolyn did her 3rd tour of Italy in August 2014, and hopes to tour Europe again this year. as she has been played 5 tours now of England and Italy. She has also worked through cancer, battling back to the studio and stage.

A lifelong Detroiter, Carolyn was the lead singer/songwriter and keyboardist of the early art/punk/jazz era combos the Cubes and Rough Cut. She then fronted her all-star ensemble Detroit Energy Asylum before embarking on a wide-ranging solo career in which she’s explored rock, pop, folk, jazz, punk rock, cabaret and alternative music. _“The delightful difficulty people have in pigeonholing Striho was underscored in one of Carolyn’s Detroit Music Award trophies in 2010, a startling victory for her techno remix of _“Promised Land  from her Outstanding CD of the Year in Rock/Pop, _“Honesty.  (Ben Edmonds, Detroit Free Press/Mojo Magazine).


Carolyn’s been nominated for nearly 60 Detroit Music Awards in recent years and won numerous awards. Carolyn has performed at Lollapalooza, Donne In Musica Rome, tours in England and several months performing in Japan. Carolyn also performed with legendary producer Don Was at Detroit’s Concert of Colors, and performed again with Don this year again. She’s toured through Chicago, Toronto and the Midwest, performed at major festivals in Michigan, Canada, England and Italy, many shows in Detroit and outstate festivals/clubs. Carolyn played with Patti Smith & The Patti Smith Group on several tours, including London’s Meltdown in 2005 and Patti’s comeback tour in 1995 in Michigan and Toronto. Carolyn played again with Patti at St. Andrews Hall in Detroit, at the Michigan Theater in Ann Arbor, Michigan and with Patti at the sold- out Majestic Theatre in Detroit in 2013. Carolyn has opened for artist Steve Earle in London, U.K., performed with Yoko Ono and Sinead O’Connor, and has performed with Iggy Pop and the Ramones. Carolyn also performed at the Detroit International Jazz Festival in 2009, quite the honor.

Carolyn’s videos, including _“Promised Land  and _“Sing it to Me,  have been nominated and screened for several music awards, Germany and international festivals. Carolyn appears in several international films, including a German film called _“Motor City Music  with legendary Detroit artists, recently screened in https://www.acheterviagrafr24.com/viagra-pour-homme/ Germany and France and shown at the Montreal Film Festival and in London. Her music is also featured in the recent Emmy awarded PBS film _“The Embrace of Aging.

“Carolyn is a poetic songwriter who plays piano (sometimes with the heel of her boot) and acoustic guitar (with her fingers) while singing in a style that might be jazzy, bluesy, torchy, fiery or any combination of the above ¦strutting and growling and singing a version of _“D Downtown  that would have made Petula Clark feel like tourist, she’s worth tracking down! (Neal Rubin, Detroit News, 2013)


Carolyn is currently recording another new album to be released this year with very special guests as well as working on two books.

Her work with saxophonist Dave McMurray, currently in Johnny Hallyday’s band in France, has been featured again on NPR radio with their album, _“Secrets and Space  from several years ago.

From Carolyn’s early punk/art/free form days as the lead songwriter, vocalist, keyboardist on Farfisa organ with the Cubes while she was a DJ on WDET-FM for her _“Radios in Motion  show, performing with the Ramones to the New York Dolls, with England’s Ultravox and the Slits, Iggy Pop, her hard rhythmic DEA band with the Was (Not) Was ensemble and to working with Patti Smith and various soul artists, Carolyn continues to walk to her own drum down an amazing path.

“Carolyn Striho is a singer/songwriter with a vibrant voice, passion and energy. Carolyn’s a very respected Detroit songwiter and amazing live performer. She’s been on tour and in the studio with Patti Smith, Steve Earle, Luis Resto (Eminem) and David McMurray (Johnny Hallyday/Kid Rock). She’s a truly exciting arista!  (Go Girls Music 2014)

Photos 1 and 2 above by Lynn Maslowski, photo 3 by Jaclyn Schanes.

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Awards Received


Detroit Music Awards - 2016

Outstanding Rock Songwriter - Carolyn Striho

Detroit Music Awards - 2015

  • Outstanding Rock Songwriter - Carolyn Striho

Detroit Music Awards 2014

  • Outstanding Acoustic/Folk/Americana Recording - Word Attack” - Carolyn Striho
  • Outstanding Classical Composer - Carolyn Striho
  • Outstanding Classical Recording - Carolyn Striho “Minuet”

Detroit Music Awards - 2012

  • Outstanding National Indie Label Rock Artist/Group - Carolyn Striho
Detroit Music Awards - 2011

  • Outstanding Folk Artist/Group (now Americana) - piano, guitar - Carolyn Striho

Detroit Music Awards - 2010

  • Outstanding Rock/Pop Recording - Carolyn Striho “Honesty”
  • Outstanding Acoustic/Folk (now Americana) Instrumentalist - Carolyn Striho
  • Outstanding Electronic/Dance Recording - Carolyn Striho “Promised Land” - Techno

Billboard Magazine Music Awards - 2009

  • Song of the Year Honorable Mention - “Enchante” by Carolyn Striho

Metro Times Music Awards - 1992 (merged with Detroit Music Awards)

  • Outstanding Miscellaneous Instrumentalist - Carolyn Striho