Melodic, jazz-infused Detroit rock-n-roll.

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11913244_10207346355282659_1703785275_n Well, here I am in February with miles to go before I sleep…we had many submissions in the Detroit Music Awards again this year and wanted to thank you the artists, musicians, songwriters and music community as you get ready to vote for nominations . Finally, the new music will be coming out and gigs being planned as we travel to northern Michigan for a private party first, then going to Mexico again this Spring! New dates coming sometime… – And between teaching and writing, back in the studio rehearsals and new video, busy times this winter.  David Bowie meant so much growing up and all my life, right in sync with his music and performing- rest in peace doesn’t quite fit the pages of meaning he gave…sending prayers of hope and faith to Flint, Michigan – and to everybody…a super rocking February month to you, peace!


CarolynDetroit's RIVER DAYS downtown Summer 201110679629_1031990560158894_8217959109193420981_o

December…end of the year as we know it…

Photo on 2015-10-31 at 14.28Big 2015 highlights include receiving a fresh Detroit Music Award again, this time for Outstanding Rock Songwriter of the Year – I’m really honored! Off of our 5th European tour, we began to cut a new CD/album with a new direction, brand new songs and special guests. There’s never-heard-before tracks I wrote and recorded, too-bonus! Hoping for a spring/summer release in 2016 – going back to the studio – and thanks for radio airplay in Detroit, Metro Detroit, northern Michigan, England, Italy and New Zealand.. Great shows this year with the full band at Callahan’s Music Hall and O’Mara’s Irish Pub, my second time performing on Detroit’s famous Concert of Colors with Don Was on bass, my guitarist/comrade Scott Dailey and Don’s house band! at Orchestra Hall/Max Fisher Music Center.  We also did 3 nights acoustic at the Beaver Island Music Festival in Lake Michigan, back to our 5th year at Metro Detroit’s huge Arts Beats & Eats Festival, shows at Majestic Café  (in the Majestic Theatre Detroit) and other area clubs including Stray Cat Lounge.  In October, I visited Patti Smith at her great “M Train” book reading at Michigan Theatre Ann Arbor, and also was lucky to go back to Jamaica!  Invited to the Grammy Music Awards again & congratulations to the nominees  ..everybody love, health, peace & understanding to a Happy New Year 2016  xo



November-December Detroit

12186696_10207326011415981_9097857439883950275_oOff the 2014 5th European tour, I was writing new songs for a new CD/album.  Now, the record is taking on a new direction with some never-heard before numbers and very special guests…back here, hoping you come out to our last show of the year at O’Mara’s Irish Pub in Berkley, Michigan-the return of the Rio/Striho show! The Carolyn Striho Group and Rio & The Rockabilly Revival together Friday night, December 4th 8 pm EST. We’ve had stellar, amazing nights performing together at Callahan’s Music Hall as well as the Loving Touch and UDetroit. Now we’re taking the show to a big, yet cozy rock and roll restaurant just a few miles north of Detroit celebrating live music, new songs, a preview of Carolyn’s new album, and Rio and Carolyn’s blast of adventurous raw, soulful, melodic power!! If you’re in the Detroit area in December, come on up to O’Mara’s Irish Pub-tickets available at the door or you can save by getting advance tickets right here:

We had a great night in Detroit in November, performing at the Majestic Cafe in the infamous Majestic Theatre with Jill Jack and Escaping Pavement – a good time there, too. Sending so many prayers to Paris, Beirut… with love, 10903979_388837197960363_5917351164716337226_oCarolyn, and the Carolyn Striho Group, Scott Dailey, Ron Wolf, Bonnie Kaye and Dave Bassist Dion. award




happy Fall, sisters and brothers, xo

C good DinosIt’s October, somehow September just came and went after our heat stroke show at the big festival in Michigan, Arts Beats & Eats–and a month spent writing/recording new music, and teaching.  Closer to a new CD release..with the excitement of receiving a fresh Outstanding CD of the Year in the Detroit Music Awards with “Word Attack” for 2014 and Outstanding CD of the Year for Rock in 2010 with the wild ride of “Honesty,” it’s neat to be working on new songs.

Some great show announcements – I’m performing with my full band on a show with Jill Jack and Escaping Pavement in November.  We’ll be at the Majestic Café, Saturday night, November 7th. The Majestic Theatre Complex in Detroit has always been a great place to perform and the Café is great.  Played there recently in 2013 at the Majestic Theatre with Patti Smith and her band, and back at the Majestic Café for our CD Release party hosted by the terrific Ann Delisi/WDET-FM.  So we’re back with a great lineup of Jill Jack and Escaping Pavement for a super night in Midtown Detroit, Saturday Nov. 7, 2015 – tickets

Then comes a big blast of a holiday party we’re doing with the gypsies of the Rio/Striho show returning! This is a really stellar show we’ve done together many times at Callahan’s Music Hall, the Loving Touch, and U Detroit. We’re back on Friday night, December 4th at O’Mara’s Irish Club in Berkley, Michigan.  The Carolyn Striho Group and Rio & the Rockabilly Revival will be performing new music, holiday music, incense, candles, peppermints, a great menu, cozy December of the new holiday moon coming in.  Rio/Striho shows always sell out. And we might have a few preview copies of my new CD…check tickets at Brown Paper Tickets on line

More shows coming in, thanks and mark down Sat. Nov. 7 at Majestic Café in Detroit and Friday Dec. 4 at O’Mara’s in Berkley, Michigan !  xoxo carolyn and remember, please support artists – I’m at I Tunes, Amazon and

August Music News to September, festivals and recording!

621545_10151147127362593_950713554_oOur next show is Sunday September 6, 2015, at the big Arts Beats & Eats Labor Day weekend.  We’re back for the 4th time at Arts Beats!   We missed the 2014 Festival as we were back in Italy performing on tour. And in 2013, I had to undergo surgeries. So this year, the full band is back for an exciting show at Arts Beats & Eats 2015 on the Soaring Eagle Casino & Resort Rock Stage, 4 pm to 5:15 pm –

Wow, we’ve had a great summer with super shows, including Detroit’s Concert of Colors. I was honored to perform once again with Don Was and the All-Star Revue backing Scott Dailey and me for the Electrifying Mojo Celebration! What a stellar lineup of great acts and driving music, it was standing room only at Max Fisher Music Hall/Orchestra Hall in July here in Detroit.  So many thanks to Ismael Ahmed, Ann Delisi, WDET-FM, Roger and Margaret White, Kim Silarski, The Arab-American Museum, Chris Tayler, my musician friends, family & fans, fantastic All-Star Revue band and Don Was!

Then the northern Michigan tour was great – we hit the Beaver Island Music Festival, traveling on the ferry from Charlevoix was a blast to the island – history, mystery, energy, rustic stage at the Festival way deep in the woods…we performed with great bands from Detroit, Chicago, northern Michigan, friends and fans from Indiana and Kentucky, Canada. Artists folk and laid back camping families, people buying merch including our CDs and my hard-to-find vinyl Thank you!  Delicious whitefish, smoked fish and the best baked beans. Removed from the world but in a world of song and dance -Beaver Island – thank you, Carol and BIMF~!

A new album is coming together as we add more shows, including some guest appearances and private parties. I’m thinking 11705518_10153403749702593_8649756901732348210_oof releasing singles, but likely doing the full-tilt record.  The songs are sounding really good with some new directions ….and I keep writing, so I’m still hoping for a 2015 Release.  I’ve also added special guests-Barbara Payton (Bob Seger) came by and did stellar back up vocals and Erin Zindle (Ragbirds) dropped by for some super accordion and more. I’m adding a secret, amazing saxophone player and we just added Detroit WAE’s Khary Frazier’s compelling rap/spoken word.  I’m also working on my other CD with some of the “greatest hits” and never-before heard songs.  It’s all coming together, I think!

11705427_10205299359776179_2165184957907309377_oLove to great days and thanks for listening.11816147_10207238386023495_4433093590672328214_o



Happy Independence Day July


I’m honored to be back onstage with Don Was and his All-Star Revue at the upcoming Concert of Colors at Orchestra Hall/Max M. Fisher Music Hall.  The Concert of Colors is a magnificent festival which runs several days and nights.  We’ll be performing at 7 pm on Sunday, July 12th.  There are so many fantastic groups and musicians all together and here’s more at the Detroit Free Press:  and schedule at

Then we’re off to way up and out in northern Michigan, Charlevoix to Lake Michigan to Beaver Island.  The awesome Beaver Island Music Festivals runs 3 days and nights and we’ll performing 2 nights with an acoustic-electric adventure of new and favorite songs – the festival features many great acts –

We’ve got some more new shows and festivals coming soon after having so many terrific shows in the past year!   I received the Outstanding Rock Songwriter of the Year in this year’s Detroit Music Awards, too – this year, recording is really moving forward again, with new special guests, a great direction.  The new album plans to be released this year.  I’m finally, yes, finally looking to release the retrospective, too  – artwork and other stuff being figured out – with unreleased songs and other loved gems.

Please remember to request CDs/download of our Detroit Music Award and Billboard award-winning recent releases on I-Tunes, Amazon, CD Baby, and at area record stores.  You can also write me and I’ll send you a CD if I have any left in stock here.

..  Festivals and more shows, recordings, writing, teaching and possibly a new European tour, taking a breath to say Happy Summer,- thanks for listening!

x love,

carolyn Dailey Mackinac Music Festival 2011STRIHO ARTS BEATS & EATS 2011

June…Mercury’s going direct …let’s go…

Striho Getting Ready for GigSummer and June – finally here in Michigan!  And I’ve been invited to return to the Concert of Colors performing on Don Was’ 2015 All-Star Revue at the Max Fisher Music Hall in downtown Detroit – that’s going to be a hot week in Detroit!  Stay tuned for details; the Concert of Colors will be in July, 2015

Coming up this summer is another really cool festival where we’re performing acoustic psychedelic rock/soul magic at northern Michigan’s Beaver Island Festival – a one-of-a-kind festival over 3 nights in July

And I again had more airplay on WCSX-FM 94.7 with Doug Podell, WDET-FM with Ann Delisi and on WHFR-FM 93.9- – as well as in Germany and Italy – I’m adding some requested older material later this year – and albums to my websites — also to CD Baby soon. You can request CDs/download of some of my more recent music on I-Tunes, Amazon and CD Baby – just type in “striho” – or through area record stores and from me…

We’re doing a possible return to Europe to play on a new tour – this would be my 6th tour of Europe!

Thanks again for honoring me as the Outstanding Rock Songwriter of the Year 2015 in the Detroit Music Awards in April and for so many nominations and wins over the years. and with being so busy teaching and writing, yes.., finally – I’m finishing recording and mixing the new album/CD release this year. Thanks for listening, be well xo -more info at


carolynStriho Daileywinter magic campus martius 2013

May it be summer soon….

I just won the Outstanding Rock Songwriter of the Year 2015 in the Detroit Music Awards in April. I’m grateful for so many nominations over the years and some really cool wins. Detroit is an amazing music city and to be honored once more is really great.  And what a super show we just had at Callahan’s Music Hall in Auburn Hills, Michigan for the Rio/Striho return gig, sold-out with so many new fans and friends!

We also had more airplay on WCSX-FM 94.7 with Doug Podell, WDET-FM with Ann Delisi and on WHFR-FM 93.9 with Scott Boatright – – as well as in Germany and Australia – – thank you again!  I’m adding some requested older material and albums to my websites this year, and also to CD Baby, soon.   And you can request my CDs or download music on I-Tunes, Amazon and CD Baby – just type in “striho” – or through area record stores and from me of course! Just as an aside, we fund everything ourselves; we don’t fund raise and kickstart or gofund me/indie go.  So I’m really grateful for your purchases.

Busy recording the new album in the studio, spring into summer as the focus is on film work/writing.  The next local show in the Detroit, Michigan area is with my full band on May 9th at the Stray Cat Lounge in the Detroit Metro area at Clinton Township, Michigan – delicate, passionate, raw power, and new music –

And there is some cool stuff coming up; I have some great festivals I’ve been invited to do and one is at the Concert of Colors Don Was 2015 All-Star Revue at the Max Fisher Music Hall in downtown Detroit –  we’re performing again with Don and the All-Star Revue on Sunday night, July 12th 7 pm!

Also this summer is a weekend coming up performing at the neat northern Michigan’s Beaver Island Festival – another one-of-a-kind festival!   We have a possible return to Europe to play on a new tour…and a new album/CD release this year.    More info at info at with New Songs posted later this year xo

Striho awardVideo shoot carolyn on piano with scottlove and respect!


Supermoon & Spring’s April music showers & flowers soon…

Striho Dailey Mackinac Music Festival 2011New album recording has started with all new originals and the new songs sound bright!  Friday night, April 17th brings us to the great concert room of Callahan’s Music Hall in Auburn Hills, Michigan for the return of the Rio/Striho show-Rio & the Rockabilly Revival & the Carolyn Striho Group. We’ve done terrific shows together in the past 2 years, back with a sneak preview into our new album release later this year, plus Rio’s new release “Testify!”  We both have full bands that night and tickets go fast for Callahan’s; check it at with tickets at

Thank you for the nominations in the Detroit Music Awards. It’s been a cool run and I’ve been nominated/won many times. an honor…and this year, I’m nominated as Outstanding Rock Songwriter of the Year here in Detroit. Thanks so much.

I also have some great shows coming late spring/summer to be announced soon –stay well! x CarolynRio-Striho-MAIN-WEB-1 S facing

Marching to April spring…

Rio-Striho-MAIN-WEB-1 S facingFebruary in Detroit…the coldest month since?  With a recent journey into songwriting, new music, a little travel to Jamaica, quietly working with teaching and writing – the new album recording has started!   There are new dates for spring and summer – for now, our first big night is Friday night, April 17th at the wonderful Callahan’s Music Hall in Auburn Hills, Michigan featuring the return of Rio/Striho  – Rio & the Rockabilly Revival and the Carolyn Striho Group.  We’ve done terrific shows together in the past 2 years and are bringing it back in April with Rio’s brand new release “Testify!” and a sneak preview into our new release later this year.  Tickets go fast for Callahan’s; check it at with tickets at

Also, thanks to the Detroit/Metro Detroit and Michigan music community for the submissions in the Detroit Music Awards this year, honored to have been nominated for the Final Ballot many times…and for the 12 Detroit Music Awards we’ve received the last several years including Outstanding CD of the Year in both 2010 for “Honesty” in Rock/Pop and Outstanding CD of the Year in 2014 for “Word Attack” in Americana (Acoustic), and more.  Check the DMAs at

The blog is short and sweet as I’ve got miles to go before I sleep.  Thanks also for the airplay of our music and your support…it’s cold out, please remember to unite and bless each other…warm hugs..x

CarolynSTRIHO Callahans