It’s been quite a wild month already – and year – with the mixing stage to mastering going on now
for our new songs. And we’ve had great shows and Book Events this year already! From Berkley
Coffee to Third Man Records Detroit to Schuler Books and The Kickstart Book Event in
Farmington, Michigan, what a big Spring. And a new release from Erin Zindle (of The Ragbirds)
and me – “The Bridge”! Scott Dailey and me with our band also had a great show in Ann Arbor!

And Saturday night, June 17th, we’re at Trinity House Theatre with fabulously talented
singer/songwriters/musicians guitarist Mary McGuire, guitarist Scott Dailey and cellist
and guitarist Jason Charboneau. I’ll be on piano and guitar 🙂 Join us at Trinity House Theatre
in Livonia, Michigan at 8 pm.

Mary McGuire is a marvelous guitar player, singer and songwriter. Her songs shimmer onstage
and on her recordings. Scott Dailey is an amazing guitarist, singer and songwriter and a
delight to watch onstage. And Jason Charboneau’s dynamic cello playing and singer/songwriter on
guitar, too, is a treat. I’m honored to be on this bill on Father’s Day Weekend and a big night
before we all go out for summer gigs, and more. In fact, Jason is going out with the legendary
John Lodge from The Moody Blues. Mary has new songs and shows, and Scott and I and our band
– well, we’ll be releasing singles this year, culminating in an album while we perform all over Michigan!

This Sunday, 6/11/23, Ann Delisi’s Essential Music will be playing Erin Zindle and my new song,”The

Bridge” on NPR/WDET-FM Detroit – tune in! 
Then later, 107.1 Ann Arbor’s Tree Town Sound will be airing the song about 5 pm 🙂 Thanks also
to WHFR-FM Dearborn MI for airplay! And tune into YouTube to check the song and video

Thursday, June 22nd, I’m performing at Women in Rock Grand Rapids for a big show

we’re doing together with partial proceeds for Girls Rock Grand Rapids, MI! There are many
featured female artists on this show, which is all female produced and run, too. It’s a treat and
we have quite a lineup 6/22 at The Pyramid Scheme in Grand Rapids for a big night!

Saturday, June 24th, I’ll be reading from my book, “Detroit (Maiden Energy)” at Lit Walk on the Lake
in St. Clair Shores. Michigan. Poet ML Liebler puts on a great Lit Fest at St Clair Shores’ B
Blossom Heath Park 1 to 3 pm St Clair Shores MI. Check out the poets on Lake St. Clair
while the boats go by…

Sunday June 25th is our Cadieux Café show in Detroit with our friends, The Orbitsuns!
Vinnie Dombroski, also of Sponge fame, has great new songs to debut so this should be
a super show with doors at 2:30 pm for a 3 pm matinee party.

There is more news coming with surprises and also, July brings Erin Zindle and our band in
Chelsea, MI where Erin and I will be performing “The Bridge” , our new song together and
doing 2 sets of new music with our bands! And later, the Carolyn Striho Group at
The Whitney Garden Party Detroit. We had a nice feature in Ann Arbor’s Pulp Magazine,
and also in the popular magazine Visit Detroit! which is out everywhere in Michigan.
And these are not-to-miss shows, so if you are in the Ann Arbor, Grand Rapids, or Detroit area,
please do come out and see us. We’re happy to see you.

We love all this news, and love to you!

ill this work/??? hope so!