What a summer! With both heat and flooding downpours (too much), we also had some fantastic shows and are thrilled at how great they were. There were also some poetry events and inspiration in the City and northern Michigan, And we’ve got one more show which is actually our first Fall show – maybe the last show for a bit. The gig is this Sunday, September 26 2021 at The Cadieux Cafe in Detroit, and is outdoors on the cool stage at Mussel Beach, in an afternoon matinee of rock and roll soul and gypsy folk. 

With Fall coming in, there’s more good news that my song “Afterthought” is featured in an Amazon Prime movie, “Poor Greg Drowning!” Nice movie and licensing news!

We’re about to embark on the new album, hopefully releasing new singles first, before the EP and/or album. We had hoped to have more recording done by now, but have written more new songs and have started pre production on the songs. So this Fall is an important time to reel in the songs and work we’ve started with them. 

With a nod to Halloween in about a month, have a real cool time and stay safe!


Arts Beats & Eats live performance Sept 2021
With my nephew up north on Lake Skegemog

Concert of Colors Detroit
August 2021 Barn Concert Rancho Dexter Michigan
Michigan State Fair show