A new update as we get moving through another Lockdown/shutdown week. The redbird is up and singing, and there could be some buds on the trees. It’s still cold but – this is the least of our worries. I sure hope everybody is doing OK under these extremely worrisome and stressful circumstances. Most of our music events/gigs and poetry events in April, May and June are postponed. Our shows overseas in the U.K. are postponed. School is closed. Thinking back when I was recovering from cancer surgeries almost 7 years ago, I could do barely anything at first but try to just walk a few steps….a sort of quarantine, but I’m remembering so many kind people who helped! This last weekend, friends and fans asked for live music and live poetry online. Scott Dailey and I are thinking of scheduling a facebook music livestream soon. And we’re using this quarantine time to create stuff. I’m working on another book and waiting to go back to teaching while we record new songs, And thank you for the Detroit Music Award Nominations 2020, too!

I also have an inspirational song from the PBS special I was in last fall called “I Will Rise.” Looking forward to debuting it soon, too- I know that it is important to stay inspired, but it’s not easy right now. Sometimes quiet nothing confusion just has to be there. I did have one other nice announcement about my poetry here. It’s a real honor “Detroit (Maiden Energy)” street princess poems & lyrics has been added to The Kenyon Review poetry title list! If you haven’t gotten a copy of my book yet, please note that it was in the top new Releases on Amazon poetry in October 2019 and was a best seller at Horizon Books in Traverse City, Michigan in January 2020!

What excitement to also have great reviews, blurbs from so many special and wonderful writers, and emails! If you published a poetry book in late summer onward in 2019, be sure to be included. Thanks to great poets Rosebud Ben-Oni and Terry Blackhawk-!  and Please also check:
(a collaboration between Aquarius Press’ Living Detroit Series and AUXmedia).

We heard a National Security Alert and these are scary days and scary times. It reminds me of stories my Dad and Mom told me and Dad’s stories from WWII. Everything’s cancelled and I’m trying to get a grip on my blog, my music, my writing and poetry for another book – much is there for it – and facebook live. We’re also recording a new album, which I’m quite excited about. So we’ll be sending over a new single release even with the lockdown and extreme times we’re in right now.. I can only say how much I admire the courage, resourcefulness and desire to overcome all adversity and anxiety. With having so much stress just waking up to remember we can’t do what we did before, that we kind of have to “hide,” although completely different, is still something to contend with. I’m sorry for everyone suffering. Some of us may have physical limitations or emotional/mental limitations stretching way back when we were little kids. So we may be feeling it more. We likely will have to depeche-vous et attendre maintenant..and for some time (hurry up and wait now, if that is my French memory) x

Today is a bit warmer and the sun is out bright finally! The uncertainty of just what we can do is over the top. Can we breathe the air in a hallway in an apartment? Can we bike ride? But everybody’s going through this. Nobody is in a place to not have to contend with losing a job, and not seeing family and friends. While I miss my students tremendously, my music friends and fans, my family, I’m really grateful they are at home, safe and sound, even though the social beings we are compel us to kind of go a little nuts right now. If you’d like, please download some of my catalogue (partial list) or the book in the meantime, and prayers to the world!

Here’s other links for the book and for music:

Some of Scott Dailey’s music is at

And my publisher’s website, thank you!

Love and hope! And thanks again for listening and reading xoxo

Detroit Maiden Energy cover