Holiday Hope

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

It’s been one tough year again, but I’m really grateful today for our gigs and music this year. I’m also grateful for the Grammy Awards First Ballot nomination for my audiobook “Detroit (Maiden Energy”) for Best Spoken Word Album 2022. I’ve met so many singers, musicians and authors, and we did travel a bit for the book, too. And I am excited to be back on recording a new album with my husband and guitarist/songwriter Scott Dailey.

We lost some incredible people this year however, including my friend and promoter Pete Holden in the U.K. at the Isle of Wight Rhythmtree Festival. Rest In Peace, Pete.

2022 will bring some new music releases and also, from the way back catalogue of goodies!

So here’s to a better year, and for more compassion, peace and good health,

Happy New Year x


Carolyn 12.25.21

October News – Grammy Awards First Ballot!

“Detroit (Maiden Energy)” is included the 2022 Best Spoken Word Album in the 64th annual Grammy Awards (R) first round of voting.  ”Detroit Maiden Energy” is written and narrated by me, with a big thank you to my publisher Heather Buchanan and Aquarius Press who encouraged me to do the audiobook, to my wonderful husband/guitarist, Scott Dailey, who engineered, listened and provided the photos, and Jim Kissling who did the mastering at Tempermill studios. Please take a listen on Spotify, I Tunes or Soundcloud, and thank you For Your Consideration in the 64th Annual Grammy Awards for 2022.

I have spent years living in the City of Detroit, from my birth to my teen years, then back again for many decades. I wanted to put in some of my rock and roll life into a sort of memoir, and this seemed the best way right now through some of my lyrics and poetry, until I can sit down and completely work on the memoir. It is started, but in a Detroit rock and roll world of a Detroit musician through my many decades, there is a lot to tell. What about those times? What made them so wildly crazy and “outside of society” as Patti Smith said?

Well, first of all, I hope you do enjoy some of the lyrics and poetry from this first Volume. Without giving too much away, some of the stories and enounters I had in the City, through Michigan and the world, gave rise to the titles “Maiden Energy” and “Detroit Street Princess,” both. It was never an easy time – still isn’t – for a singer/songwriter and sensitive musician and performer to create a fiery stage each and every time. But that what was in my heart and it still is. “City Lights Music” gives hints, but maybe later, sit a spell to listen about the people I met and the onstage and backstage night stories…the shadows of a distant heart speaking to me to start.

Thank you, humbly, to all my influences, family and friends,, Freddie Brooks, my music family and my dear husband, Scott Dailey. xx

Love, the girl from Detroit (said Clive Davis on a NYC street!)

Carolyn Striho

“One of Striho’s most exquisite Detroit (Maiden Energy) pieces includes “Midnight Stars,” a haunting reflection of moving between life’s brightest and darkest moments while accepting the uncertainty of the road ahead. Striho beautifully recites, “Living in two when bright lights hurt/Bright sun blurts out a ribbon of resentment/I feel like I’ve got to run and get something to drink/Only not water/To shut down the sun that’s only good in the summer.” Lori Barnard Stratton, Current Magazine, Ann Arbor, Michigan 2020”

“I truly adore this book…” Buchanan says. “It contains the heart and soul of a songwriter, a Detroiter through and through, who experienced the ebb and flow of life in this great city. Carolyn has seen a lot and been through a lot, but her spirit soars.” Buchanan describes Detroit (Maiden Energy) as “a poetic memoir set to music. It’s rock, it’s soul, it’s gypsy, Irish, Middle Eastern, French Canadian. It represents just about every cultural flourish imprinted upon this city. Every verse, whether it’s a song lyric or not, is musical.” Heather Buchanan, Aquarius Press Detroit – Publisher

Detroit (Maiden Energy): Street Princess Poems & Lyrics, published in October by Detroit-based Aquarius Press, is a collection of singer-guitarist-pianist-songwriter Striho’s original lyrics and haunting personal introspections, amassed over decades of challenging and captivating audiences here and overseas. Striho remains an aggressive, melodic, wildly sensual force of nature in concert!”  Jim McFarlin, Hour Detroit and Metro Times

“In her song lyrics and poetry, Carolyn Striho opens up her heart and her head, blending emotion and psyche into a brave and provocative look into herself and the world around her. Whether it’s direct or abstract, you get engrossed in her words without even thinking about it, taking the trip willingly and coming out the other side all the better for it.” –Gary Graff, Billboard/New York Times Syndicate

“Carolyn Striho is the personification of Detroit Rock energy, charisma, beauty and talent. On stage, she is a force of nature, but this collection of her poems and lyrics allows us to experience this dynamic artist in a more intimate and personal way. Carolyn Striho is long overdue for a book just like this!” —Ann Delisi, Host, Ann Delisi Essential Music, NPR Radio – WDET-FM

Autumn Leaves

What a summer! With both heat and flooding downpours (too much), we also had some fantastic shows and are thrilled at how great they were. There were also some poetry events and inspiration in the City and northern Michigan, And we’ve got one more show which is actually our first Fall show – maybe the last show for a bit. The gig is this Sunday, September 26 2021 at The Cadieux Cafe in Detroit, and is outdoors on the cool stage at Mussel Beach, in an afternoon matinee of rock and roll soul and gypsy folk. 

With Fall coming in, there’s more good news that my song “Afterthought” is featured in an Amazon Prime movie, “Poor Greg Drowning!” Nice movie and licensing news!

We’re about to embark on the new album, hopefully releasing new singles first, before the EP and/or album. We had hoped to have more recording done by now, but have written more new songs and have started pre production on the songs. So this Fall is an important time to reel in the songs and work we’ve started with them. 

With a nod to Halloween in about a month, have a real cool time and stay safe!


Arts Beats & Eats live performance Sept 2021
With my nephew up north on Lake Skegemog

Concert of Colors Detroit
August 2021 Barn Concert Rancho Dexter Michigan
Michigan State Fair show
Here’s to live shows again – August to September updates!!

Here’s to live shows again – August to September updates!!

We’re starting more rehearsals, recording and booking live shows. After a very tough year, and many shows being cancelled, and then health issues, now we have some new songs and energy! We will be back onstage, too. And we’ll be doing duos, trios and full band shows soon.

With The Whitney Detroit’s gorgeous Music on the Patio Series, The Scarab Club poetry performance this summer in Detroit, a great upcoming House Concert in a beautiful Barn in Dexter, Michigan, a return of the full band to The Cadieux Cafe in Detroit, more dates are being added. We will also be performing at Arts Beats & Eats Festival 2021, and plan to be at The Lit Fest/Lit Walk at Wayne State University/Cass Corridor, The Congregation Cafe Detroit, along with The Indie Collaborative possibly in Newport, Rhode Island this Fall. We are also returning to the U.K. and possibly Italy again next summer 2022. We can’t wait!

I’m also a teacher, and we finished the year through virtual, in person/face to face, webex/zoom, masks, and everything to have this year work. And it did! Students finished strong, and the high school graduation at Meadowbrook Ampitheatre was beautiful. And I’m happy to say that I’ll be back on the air on Ferndale Radio, which is going to be having streaming services soon at 100.7 FM this Fall.

With many new songs I’ve written, my husband/guitarist Scott Dailey and I continue to record and move toward the new music in the studio. We’re also finally finishing the video for “I Will Rise. I’m grateful for so much! And there is also a new retrospective release coming out on Orchide Records Detroit.

Photo Summer 2021 Charlevoix Michigan bookstore tour for “Detroit (Maiden Energy)”

Also, rest in peace to our friend, Pete Holden, and to Pete’s family and friends at The Isle of Wight where we had a wonderful performance at Rhythmtree Festival in 2018 (and were invited back again). Pete was an amazing, kind, legend and will be so missed.

Thanks for listening and to good health and love,

Carolyn xx

Photo by Lindy Lenk for “Sing it to Me”

At Arts Beats and Eats, Royal Oak, Michigan

Arts Beats and Eats 2021 Rock Stage
Design – Freddie Brooks, Orchide Records and Mack Aborn Detroit
Photo by Detroit Photography Legend, Leni Sinclair


Finally Spring! It’s been a long year, and hoping for live shows again and better days. I’ve been busy narrating books for audio, and also, teaching and recording new songs.


Right now, my “Detroit (Maiden Energy)” audio book is available on many audio platforms including Google Play. If you haven’t downloaded it, join in at “Detroit (Maiden Energy)” is also available at Detroit area bookstores and in northern Michigan, as well as on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Thanks for the support! I also just narrated and provided my song “Sometimes I Wonder” for Jen Knox’ “Resolutions” – check it here at: And here’s how to listen to a sample and download another book I narrated, Romayne Kazmer’s “Letter that Moved My Father”

Also, thank you again for the Detroit Music Award nominations for 2021. I’ve received 4 nominations in the Rock/Pop and Classical Categories, and Scott Dailey also received a nomination. We’re honored and best wishes to all musicians, artists, writers and performers in April and beyond 🙂

We’ll be booking live shows when the coast is clear, and have some cool venues we’re looking forward to playing. We’re hoping to have the new album out later this year digitally and maybe CD/vinyl formats, too. And the U.K. is calling…our shows are scheduled when everything is a go again.

Sending love, empathy, kindness, and hope to you,



Marching to Music

February is freezing for my funny Valentine… but with stress and rough times, there’s some good music news: Thanks for the nominations in the 2021 Detroit Music Awards. I’ve received 4 nominations in the Rock/Pop and Classical category for Outstanding Instrumentalist for piano (Rock and Classical), Outstanding Songwriter (Rock/Pop) and Outstanding Vocalist (Rock/Pop). And Scott Dailey received a nomination for Outstanding Rock Instrumentalist for guitar. Thank you, it’s an honor to be among such great company. Congratulations to all musicians and artists on creating during the pandemic, too.

Carolyn and Scott performing for “Sing it to Me” and for Italy tour

But stunned and so sad to hear we lost wonderful Patricia Izzo. Patty was magical and we worked together on many photos for my music albums and more. Patty’s friendship, care, artistic vision and warrior charm made Patty, and her art surreal and amazing with wildly original photo shoots! Besides being such a fabulous artist, Patricia’s family was the love of her life and the wonderful River’s Edge Gallery. Patty brought her heart to her art and life with madcap fun. I loved her, we all did – Patty made you feel like a million bucks, and she loved you right back!

From “Honesty” album cover- Patty Izzo
Crime of Passion – Carolyn Striho by Patty Izzo
Patt Slack, Carolyn Striho and Patricia Izzo – River’s Edge Gallery Detroit Maiden Energy Book Opening 2019photo: Stacey Sherman

So sorry to hear about Chick Corea and Mary Wilson (Supremes). It’s hard to believe we lost these magnificent trailblazers of music. I was honored to have seen Chick Corea up close and personal when playing the Detroit Jazz Festival in 2009. And we were excited to perform “Keep Me Hangin’ On” by the Supremes at the 2019 Don Was’ Concert of Colors. And sad news on Detroit DJ Jerry Lubin, a wonderful man on the air and off. Jerry was so influential when I listened as a little girl to WABX-FM

Union Street Detroit closed! We had album releases, New year’s Eve gigs, birthdays, music meetings, dragon eggs, marvelous drinks, dancing on the bar, the place to stop before/after shows at Majestic, Magic Stick, and C Pop. When John Belushi’s brother, Jim, lost his cell phone there and I found it for him when Detroit hosted the Superbowl. And of course the lunches with Patti Smith and Freddie Brooks and our “Secrets and Space” album release and photo shoots. Sigh…

I’m finishing up my song “I Will Rise” with Scott, with a video, some razor sharp guitar songs on electric, and can’t wait to record more! With shows slowly being booked at clubs late this year 2021 and a return to festivals with a full band., The U.K. festival is back on at Isle of Wight – but that could change too..

Will the Festivals go on in 2021? We’re on another amazing Isle of Wight Rhythmtree festival, July 2021 – fingers crossed!
Scott and Carolyn performing for virtual shows and Arts Beats and Eats 2020 – from Facebook Live
Carolyn in Snowy Michigan 2021

It has been almost a year since everything shut down, so we’re hopeful this Spring brings good days and nights! Stay warm xx

Love, Carolyn

Patricia Izzo photography (c)