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Afterthought, 2016

On the Grammy Awards First Ballot for Best Rock Album, and nominated for the 2017 Outstanding Rock Album of the Year in the Detroit Music Awards, “Afterthought” features Carolyn Striho’s newest songs and her strong vocals, keyboards, and guitar.

Receiving great reviews and selling out many times, the band on the record is guitarist and comrade Scott Dailey, along with Ron Wolf on percussion, Bonnie Kaye on violin and Dave Dion on bass. “Afterthought” also includes appearances by special guests singers Thornetta Davis and Barbara Payton, rapper Khary Frazier, saxophonist Johnny Evans, and violinist Erin Zindle — a treat for the ears. Sponge’s Vinnie Dombrowski  and Joey  Mazzola, along with pianist Luis Resto and bassist Darrell Smith play on the track “Sometimes I Wonder.” Receiving international and regional airplay, with many re-orders – available now!

Motown Still Our Town, 2008

Vocals/live studio appearance on Paul Miles Award-Winning Video/Song. CD Produced by Paul Miles and Nadir, with the original Vandellas, Carolyn Striho, Scott Dailey and so many more!

Secrets and Space, 2000

This album features Carolyn Striho with David McMurray, Luis Resto, & Patti Smith. Produced by Freddie Brooks and David McMurray. A must-have album, according to The Detroit Free Press’ Terry Lawson, a hard-to-find gem of Detroit’s original soundtrack, “Secrets and Space.”

"Thanks for Nothing," 1991

With Detroit Energy Asylum. Produced by Freddie Brooks

"Danger Boy" & "Thailand" - Rough Cut

Produced by Freddie Brooks. Rare vinyl that started  Carolyn’s climb to Japan and Detroit Energy Asylum!

2018 - WHFR-RECORDS Detroit Indie Compilation

From WHFR-FM, this album features great  Detroit groups, and Carolyn’s “Ocean” – available now –  University of Michigan Dearborn, WHFR 89.3!

New Atlantic Sound, Volume 1 (UK), 2010

London, UK compilation CD includes Carolyn’s song, “Ocean”

Is This Me? -- 2008

Nominated for Detroit Music Award 2009. CD produced by Carolyn Striho, Scott Dailey, and Silver T.

Detroit Energy Asylum, 1997

For Germany Release – with Detroit Energy Asylum. Produced by Freddie Brooks

Stay There / Changing Fractions, 1988

Detroit Energy Asylum 45 on vinyl. Produced by Freddie Brooks. Rare vinyl, received great airplay on college radio in various states, especially Michigan and Texas.

Tremor Records Compilation with The Cubes, LP Vinyl

Live for Unicef, 2016-2017

Carolyn Striho’s track “Afterthought” is included on the LIve for Unicef UK/HX Records Essex, U.K. and Rough Trade Records

Honesty, 2009

Winner of 2010 Detroit Music Awards “Outstanding Rock/Pop Album” and 2 other awards, this album helped propel Carolyn back to the spotlight. Produced by Carolyn Striho, Scott Dailey and Kenny D., “Honesty” continues as a favorite among many, and is in rotation at several stations overseas.

Detroit Music Awards Compilation CD, 2006

Produced by the Detroit Music Awards and Freddie Brooks for Carolyn’s song “Breathing Space” included

Reminiscing About the Future, 1997

CD with Detroit Energy Asylum, including members of Sponge. Produced by Freddie Brooks and Steve King, received good airplay on 89.X and NPR, and good sales.

Theatre of the Night, 1988

Detroit Energy Asylum. Produced by Freddie Brooks.

The Cubes 45 Vinyl

Word Attack, 2013

Winner of 2014 Detroit Music Awards “Outstanding Acoustic/Folk Album”; produced by Carolyn Striho and Scott Dailey, the album continues to sell out on shows and features favorites “Enchante” and “Word Attack!”

Jazz Me Up, 2009

European release only. Produced by Carolyn Striho, Scott Dailey, and Freddie Brooks

Live in London, U.K. at Patti Smith's Meltdown Festival, CD 2005

With Patti Smith, Steve Earle, and Carolyn Striho. Hard to find, and a real experience of live music at The Royal Festival Hall in England.

Dreams Can Be Your Friend, 1995

CD with Detroit Energy Asylum, which also features some of the members of the Romantics, Sponge, Was (Not) Was and Wayne Kramer (MC5). This album sold out many times and was a special moment of music for Carolyn with great reviews. All songs by Carolyn Striho except for Brian Wilson’s “I Just Wasn’t Made for These  Times.” Produced by Freddie Brooks and Steve King (Eminem’s studio engineer).

"Giftwrapped in Cool" & "Shadow” - 1986

Detroit Energy Asylum EP on vinyl – very rare. Produced by Freddie Brooks and Randy Jacobs

Not pictured:

  • C. Striho, 2006 – with guitarist Scott Dailey for London/Italy tour. Produced by Freddie Brooks.
  • DEA, 1993 Compilation – new songs of Detroit Energy Asylum. Produced by Freddie Brooks.
  • “Detroit Energy Asylum Live at the Ritz,” 1989 –– Performance Video (very rare) – WRIF-FM Detroit. Produced by Freddie Brooks
  • “The Sound and the Fury” – Rough Cut – Produced by Freddie Brooks