It’s snowing hard and there’s good news that the new album is coming out this year! Last year had marvelous shows and my December blog named a few of the great ones. This year, we’ve got some gems coming up. In fact, we have some bookings already for 2024, not just 2023 (!) I’m also doing more Book Event shows for my book “Detroit (Maiden Energy).”

We’ve got many new songs and Scott Dailey and I have been writing and recording music that has taken us on a wild, fantastic journey. Also, this year is another Orchide Records Detroit release of my former band Detroit Energy Asylum. It’s a new album of some of my never-heard before songs and a maze of energy music.

As mentioned last month, good news here, too, with Los Angeles’ famous Music Connection magazine naming the Carolyn Striho/Scott Dailey duo as one of the Hot 100 Live Unsigned Bands nationally for 2023 as well!

Also, I’ve been included in a new book, “Hit Girls:  Hit Girls: Women in Punk in the USA 1978-1983” “ by Jen Larson which spotlights female musicians who were as important to the early punk scene as male musicians. I’m featured in five pages also with my band The Cubes and several other Detroit bands, as well as great bands from all through the U.S., and honored to have contributed. It’s a reminder that this important music started from the soul of so many young teenage girls like me. Hit Girls is at

This is a short blog as we’re readying so much material and working hard on it. Can’t wait for you to hear our new music, so please stay tuned.