With 12 studio albums and numerous compilations in the U.S. and Europe, in the years with my bands and incarnations, it’s time for new recordings. And after 7 overseas tours, we’re planning a bigger one to the U.K. and possibly back to Italy. Both books I’ve been working on are now with rewrites and layouts – hopefully some of the writing and editing is coming together soon. There is definite news on a retrospective release coming, too, from Orchide Records,which also houses our album “Secrets and Space” and Sonic’s Rendezous and Fred “Sonic” Smith retrospectives (as well as keyboardist Luis Resto) https://orchiderecords.bigcartel.com/products. But I just want to thank many for the support here in Detroit, throughout Michigan and Canada, too, over the years doing music. I’m honored to have been making music for many decades as I was a teenager playing Detroit clubs so many years ago – time flies- I’ve been grateful to work with the best, and with my own new releases coming up. All this takes me back to the hard work in the studio and onstage. And with a big election coming up in November, and so many important issues to turn to, let’s make things blue – it’s time to work on love and hope!! I’ll be back soon with new music in a new direction and some new announcements of very cool events here in Detroit/Metro Detroit I’m involved with, too xx

Carolyn, Don, Scott and Kurt