Scott & Carolyn

Happy December! I’ve signed a new licensing deal with Assemble Sound and am excited to be a part of the Assemble Sound Detroit catalog. They are home to Flint Eastwood, Tunde Olaniran and many great bands !

With holidays coming, an update that my recent music is in Metro Detroit record stores and the latest is on Amazon, CDBaby and I Tunes, including my CDs “Afterthought,” “Word Attack” and “Honesty.” Earlier CDs “Is This Me?” “Secrets and Space,” “Reminiscing About the Future,” and “Dreams Can Be Your Friends” may be added soon. These earlier CDs are rare, and I’m also looking at re-releasing Detroit Energy Asylum, Rough Cut and Cubes vinyl.

Also, I’m grateful to be a part of The Grammy’s 2018 as “Afterthought” was on the First Round Ballot for Best Rock Album! Scott Dailey and the band and I also received more nominations in the Detroit Music Awards, including Outstanding CD of the Year Rock for “Afterthought”.

Some of my poetry is included in a new Detroit anthology coming out through The Michigan State University Press in 2018 – and my book is moving forward, too. With new live shows in Detroit and northern Michigan, New York and England, a new update shortly, blessings!

Love with many thanks – and Happy Holidays,