Great summer coming up and hope to finish Poetry/Lyric Book 1 and some of my memoir Detroit musician book, too -we also have some shows coming up in England and several festivals here in Michigan later in the summer into September. New video creation/filming’s coming soon and we’re working on film music, too. It’s been an honor to receive nominations again this year in the Detroit Music Awards with many to thank, including my husband/guitarist Scott Dailey, our great band – Ron Wolf, Dave Dion and Bonnie Kaye & terrific guests on my nominated album “Afterthought” Barbara Payton, Thornetta Davis, Khary Frazier, Johnny Evans, Erin Zindle, Vinnie Dombrowski, Joey Mazzola, Darrell “Peanut” Smith and more – “Afterthought” has been described as “an ethereal, vibrant, fiery listening treat you can’t miss!” by Inner Door Music. Thanks again and keep healthy, remember People Have the Power 🙂


Carolyn xo  ( (with new Bandcamp updates coming soon)