Well, hello!  I’m ingetPart-4 my new website writing the latest. Right now, happy to announce that the new website is up and running.

I have added a bit more to it and streamlined some, too. Later, I hope to have some of my poems added as I’m working on a poetry book and also, a surprise book. I’ve won another Detroit Music Award for Outstanding Rock Songwriter 2016. This is the 2nd year in a row for this Award and quite timely, as I’m writing and recording my songs and my poems – and my “big” book.  Thanks for being so patient, and thanks again to the music and art community for a fresh, new Award. There are some new summer shows coming up possibly in Canada and up achat cialis en ligne quebec north, but my first one is back at Detroit’s Riverdays Festival right on the river, Friday night, June 24th—if you’re in Detroit, come on and share a blast of music with the band and me (and the B-52s!)

I started recording last year, and I have been working on publishing for my music and writing. I’m poised to release a new album but decided to add a few more songs —releasing several singles acheter viagra first – possibly with new video. There’s been several club/festival considerations requests- with so much writing right now, I’m not doing a full tour just yet but will have more select shows coming up late summer into Fall…  Blessings to a summer of love and joy xox