I’m honored to be back onstage with Don Was and his All-Star Revue at the upcoming Concert of Colors at Orchestra Hall/Max M. Fisher Music Hall.  The Concert of Colors is a magnificent festival which runs several days and nights.  We’ll be performing at 7 pm on Sunday, July 12th.  There are so many fantastic groups and musicians all together and here’s more at the Detroit Free Press:  and schedule at

Then we’re off to way up and out in northern Michigan, Charlevoix to Lake Michigan to Beaver Island.  The awesome Beaver Island Music Festivals runs 3 days and nights and we’ll performing 2 nights with an acoustic-electric adventure of new and favorite songs – the festival features many great acts –

We’ve got some more new shows and festivals coming soon after having so many terrific shows in the past year!   I received the Outstanding Rock Songwriter of the Year in this year’s Detroit Music Awards, too – this year, recording is really moving forward again, with new special guests, a great direction.  The new album plans to be released this year.  I’m finally, yes, finally looking to release the retrospective, too  – artwork and other stuff being figured out – with unreleased songs and other loved gems.

Please remember to request CDs/download of our Detroit Music Award and Billboard award-winning recent releases on I-Tunes, Amazon, CD Baby, and at area record stores.  You can also write me and I’ll send you a CD if I have any left in stock here.

..  Festivals and more shows, recordings, writing, teaching and possibly a new European tour, taking a breath to say Happy Summer,- thanks for listening!

x love,

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