10403195_10203512819876819_2924491251625117396_nJuly News – Rio/Striho – Rio Scafone and Carolyn Striho return to Callahan’s with their popular double bill! Carolyn Striho is back with her full band performing with the riveting Rio & the Rockabilly Revival on Friday night, July 18th, 2014 at 8 pm at Callahan’s Music Hall in Auburn Hills, Michigan.  Winner of 3 Detroit Music Awards this year, and a total of 7 this year within the Carolyn Striho Group, Striho released her latest CD “Word Attack” to great reviews and an award for Outstanding Acoustic CD of the Year 2014 in Detroit. Guitarist Scott Dailey of the Carolyn Striho Group also received a nomination for Outstanding Country CD of the Year for his new CD “So Much Time to Burn.”
Rio & the Rockabilly Revival just received Hour Detroit Magazine’s Best Original Artist/Band award and will be releasing a new single at the show.  The high-energy, wildly passionate and catchy live action is ripe and ready as Rio & the Rockabilly Revival are one of the most exciting bands onstage to perform with.  
Carolyn’s history is vast and goes back to the punk days at Bookies in Detroit – with her work in her early bands (Cubes, Rough Cut) to her infamous fired up, r&b heavy music jazzed Detroit Energy Asylum within Was (Not Was) band, and with Patti Smith later, Striho continues to release new music and has done some incredible live shows in the past several years. Carolyn’s also invited back to tour in Europe this year and is working on another new album, video and a book. Carolyn and band have only 1 more local show this summer, so this promises to be a big night.   Callahan’s is a triumphant return for Carolyn to a full stage and music show after surviving breast cancer and multiple surgeries in the recent year. 
And Rio Scafone’s rock roots run deep. As the niece of early rock legend, Jack Scott, she carries on the family tradition serving up red hot, spitfire Roots Rock & Country-Soul. Her band, the wildly popular, Rockabilly Revival seamlessly blends the vintage Sun Records sound with contemporary elements that satisfy both old school rock & roll lovers and modern day music fans alike. Their shows have been dubbed “The Church of Rock & Roll” due to their “Revival tent” fervor and energy. 

Carolyn Striho will be appearing on the marvelous Ann Delisi’s Essential Music show this weekend, an honor to be on Ann’s show on WDET-FM 101.9 Detroit Sunday, July 13th! Give a listen and support WDET!  http://wdet.org/
Callahan’s show is dedicated to Carolyn’s nephew, Travis Trombley, who was in a major hit and run accident in Michigan recently.  Prayers for Travis’ recovery…and thank for the supporting music!   Tickets are $10 available  at http://atcallahans.com/sliders/riostriho-rio-scafone-carolyn
Callahan’s Music Hall
2105 South Boulevard
Auburn Hills, MI 48326