New songs, new video and new shows being posted soon…the video of “Sitara/Promised Land” will premiere in November – with another one slated soon thereafter.  Done in a cinematic fashion, this one will delight!  With the trippy psychedelic intro playing sitar and spiritual energy, the song breaks into downtown Detroit’s Russell Industrial Center, the setting for hard energy, art and expansive Detroit space.  And the new album is in the recording/mixing stage now – with new songs just written this past month, it may be that we release 2 EPs of music.  With a big UDetroit Cafe date on 12.12.12 in Harmonie Park, Detroit, hosted by our publishing group, North Star Media, more shows will be announced soon.  A northern Michigan and East Coast tour being worked on for next year and a new European tour next year – all in good time, grasshopper… Find us at reverbnation, here at  
Please go out and vote – fight the good fight for humanity!  Detroit 10.7.12, thanks for supporting music and the arts everywhere.