Carolyn Striho has won the Outstanding National Independent Music Artist/Group in this year’s Detroit Music Awards.  This major win comes upon Carolyn’s recent recording and new video which will be finished by winter, 2012.  Ms. Striho was the recipient of one of the most prestigious national awards this year at the Detroit Music Awards.

The Carolyn Striho Group may also be appearing back in Europe this year, performing in Toronto, northern Michigan, in the Motor City Detroit and some of the bigger festivals in the Midwest.

Friday, May 25th at the brilliant Marquette club Upfront and Company, Carolyn and band have a big night at one of the best clubs in the Midwest – and one of the group’s favorites, back up in to Marquette in the Upper Peninsula – headlining a big Memorial Day weekend.Upfront and Company

Thursday, June 14th, Carolyn and Scott Dailey perform on June 14 at Lido Gallery in Birmingham Michigan for a night with a rare appearance by Angela Bowie, David Bowie’s muse and wife from years ago…for poetry, song, a new book by Angela and more!  Show starts at 7 pm with great songwriters and more – please check for more information at musician John Lamb’s super Springfed Arts Writer’s Series –  a quite cool one at

Thursday, June 21st, Carolyn Striho Group invited for a live recording broadcast at the UDetroit Café on the Pam Rossi WCSX-FM show – broadcast live on the UDetroit Café web…an encore performance at Detroit’s Harmonie Park

Stay tuned for more show news, especially Detroit’ s River Days, the fantastic northern Michigan Mackinac Island Music Festival and update on Carolyn’s new album – in which a detour is planned to finish work!

And rock on with raw power to acoustic punk electric jazz – love art, love loud sisters and brothers
Peace from Inner Door Music
Detroit USA