Hi, I’m happy to meet you in my new website which is absolutely new for me, too!  In Detroit, it’s summer, it’s hot and the music & shows are coming together.  This site is so new that it may be tweaked dramatically — yes, I’m a singer, and songwriter/composer who loves playing piano but also plays a wild rhythm guitar — I’m blessed and lucky to have played with the greatest musicians in the world, too. It’s been a long mission to find all the lyrics and poetry and song notations and the mess we musicians have all the time, boxes, sheets, volumes of chords and beyond…

Reading and writing is my main passion – and being on stage at a show, looking out, whether to a small room, art gallery, large club, or festival makes me know that things are maybe even good; the love of adventure, the feeling we’ve “got to do it” is in every musician and artist in some way.

I’m trying to share what I do with you while the world keeps turning in the hardest times we’ve ever had.  Politically, economically, socially, environmentally, the challenges we’ve got right now are huge as ever… so maybe we can write a song, call someone and say hey, let’s dance, laugh and dream… dream of better days — they are coming!

Thanks for visiting the site… and please sign up for my newsletter on the right to get a free song. It’s going to be a fun summer/fall!